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Gay Movies
10 Attitudes2001USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
101 Rent Boys2000USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 2
1313: Actor Slash Model2011USAThrillerMovie is Rated 1
1313: Hercules Unbound!2011USADramaMovie is Rated 2
1313: UFO Invasion2011USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
1313: Wicked Stepbrother2011USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
152003SingaporeDramaMovie is Rated 3
200 American2003USADramaMovie is Rated 2
24th Day, The2004USADramaMovie is Rated 4
29th & Gay2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings (3 garçons, 1 fille, 2 mariages)2004FranceComedyMovie is Rated 2
3-Day Weekend2008USADramaMovie is Rated 4
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous2005New ZealandDramaMovie is Rated 2
541998USADramaMovie is Rated 2
9 Dead Gay Guys2003UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
A Single Man2009USADramaMovie is Rated 5
A Slice of Terror2005USAEroticaMovie is Rated 0
A.K.A.2002UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Aaron ... albeit a Sex Hero2009USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Abandoned (Torzok)2001HungaryDramaMovie is Rated 4
Adam & Steve2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Adonis Factor, The2010USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Adored, Diary of a Porn Star (Poco più di un anno fa)2003ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Adventures of Felix (DrÔle de Félix)2000FranceComedyMovie is Rated 3
Advise & Consent1962USADramaMovie is Rated 4
After Stonewall1999USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Alex and Leo (Alex und der Löwe)2010GermanyComedyMovie is Rated 4
Alive & Kicking1996UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
All Boys2010CzechRepublicDocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
All Over the Guy2001USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
All the Rage1997USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Almost Normal2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
American Adobo2001PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
American Beauty1999USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma2005CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Amor de Hombre (Love of Man)1997SpainDramaMovie is Rated 3
An Angel Named Billy2006USADramaMovie is Rated 2
An Awfully Big Adventure1994UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
An Early Frost1985USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Anatomy of Hell (Anatomie de l'enfer)2004FranceDramaMovie is Rated 1
And the Band Played On1993USADramaMovie is Rated 5
And then Came Summer2001USADramaMovie is Rated 1
And, There You Are2007USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Andre's Mother1990USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Angels in America2003USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Angora Ranch2006USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Another Country1984UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Another Gay Movie2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild2008USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Antonio's Secret (Ang Lihim ni Antonio)2008PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Apart from Hugh1994USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Arisan! (The Gathering!)2004IndonesiaRomanceMovie is Rated 3
As Luck Would Have It2003SwitzerlandComedyMovie is Rated 3
Bangkok Love Story (Pheuan... Guu rak meung waa, Puen)2007ThailandDramaMovie is Rated 4
Bathhouse2004PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Be Mine2008USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Bear City2010USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Bear Cub (Cachorro)2004SpainDramaMovie is Rated 4
Beautiful Mystery1993JapanDramaMovie is Rated 2
Beautiful Thing1996UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Bedrooms & Hallways1998UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Beefcake2000USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Before Night Falls2000USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Before Stonewall1985USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Beloved Friend (Amic/Amat)1999SpainDramaMovie is Rated 3
Ben & Arthur2002USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Bent1997UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Best of Schools (Grande École)2004FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Between Love and Goodbye2008USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A2006JapanDramaMovie is Rated 5
Big Eden2000USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Billy Elliot2000UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss1998USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, The (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros)2005PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Blue Citrus Hearts2003USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Bollywood and Vine2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Bowser Makes a Movie2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Boy2009PhilippinesRomanceMovie is Rated 4
Boy Culture2006USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Boyfriends1997UKComedyMovie is Rated 2
Boys' Choir (Dokuritsu Shonen Gasshoudan)2000JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Boys Love2006JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Boystown (Chuecatown)2007SpainComedyMovie is Rated 4
Breakfast With Scot2007CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Breaking the Surface, the Greg Louganis Story1997USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Broadway Damage1997USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
Brokeback Mountain2005USARomanceMovie is Rated 5
Broken Hearts Club, The2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Broken Sky2006MexicoRomanceMovie is Rated 2
Brother to Brother2004USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Bulgarian Lovers (Los Novios Bulgaros)2003SpainComedyMovie is Rated 2
Bulldog in the Whitehouse2006USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Bully2001USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Burnt Money (Plata Quemada)2000ArgentinaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Butch Camp1996USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
C.R.A.Z.Y.2005CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Call to Witness2000USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 2
Callas Forever2003SpainDramaMovie is Rated 4
Camp2003USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Cannibal2005GermanySuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Capote2005USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof1958USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Celluloid Closet1995USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Chef's Special (Fuera de carta)2008SpainComedyMovie is Rated 4
Chicken Tikka Masala2005UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Christopher and his Kind2010UKDramaMovie is Rated 5
Chuck & Buck2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Ciao2007USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Circles (Bilog)2005PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Circuit2001USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Clandestinos2007SpainDramaMovie is Rated 4
Class Trip (La Classe de Neige)1998FranceSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Close to Leo (Tout contre Léo)2002FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Closet, The2001FranceComedyMovie is Rated 2
Colma: The Musical2006USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Colonel Redl1984GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Come Undone2000FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Coming Out1989GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Common Ground2000USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Common Threads: Tales from the Quilt1989USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Cote D'Azur (Crustaces & Coquillages)2005FranceComedyMovie is Rated 3
Country Teacher, The (Venkovský Ucitel)2008CzechRepublicDramaMovie is Rated 4
Cowboy Junction2006USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Cowboys & Angels2003IrelandDramaMovie is Rated 3
Crazy Richard/I can't even think straight2002AustraliaComedyMovie is Rated 1
Creation of Adam (Sotvoreniye Adama)1994RussiaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Creatures from the Pink Lagoon2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Crocodile Tears1998USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Cruising1980USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Crutch2004USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Curiosity of Chance, The2006USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Damned, The (Caduta degli dei, La)1969ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, The2010UKDocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World2003USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Danny in the Sky2001CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 1
Day Laborers, The (Los Jornaleros)2003USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Daybreak2008PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 4
Daydream Obsession2004USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Days (Giorni)2001ItalyRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Deadly Skies2005USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Death in Venice (Morte a Venezia)1971ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 2
Deathtrap1982USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Deep End, The2001USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Defying Gravity1999USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Delta, The1996USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Denied2004CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 1
Detective, The1968USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Different from the Others (Anders als die Andern)1919GermanyRomanceMovie is Rated 4
Dirty Laundry2006USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Dirty Shame, A2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Doing Time on Maple Drive1992USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Don't Tell Anyone (No Se Lo Digas A Nadia)1998PeruDramaMovie is Rated 4
Dorian Blues2004USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Doubt (Duda)2003PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 2
Dream Boy2008USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Drift2000CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 2
East is East2000UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
East Palace, West Palace (Dong Gong Xi Gong)1996ChinaSuspenseMovie is Rated 2
East Side Story2005USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
Eating Out2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Eating Out: Drama Camp2011USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Eden's Curve2003USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Edge of Seventeen1998USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Eighteen2005USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Einstein of Sex, The1999GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 3
El Mar (The Sea)2000SpainDramaMovie is Rated 4
Eleven Men Out2005IcelandDramaMovie is Rated 2
End of Love2009Hong KongDramaMovie is Rated 3
Enter the Phoenix2004Hong KongSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Escort, The (L'escorte)1996CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Ethan Mao2004USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Event, The2003USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Everlasting Secret Family, The1987AustraliaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Fögi is a Bastard (Fögi est un Salaud)1998SwitzerlandDramaMovie is Rated 3
Fake ID2003USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
FAQS2005USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Far From Heaven2002USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Fashion Victim: The Killing of Gianni Versace2001USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Father & Son (Otets Y Syn)2003RussiaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Feeding Boys, Ayaya (Aiyaya, Qu Buru)2003ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 1
Fellini Satyricon1969ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 2
Fighting Tommy Riley2005USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Finding North1998USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Fire That Burns, The (La Ville dont le prince est un enfant)1997FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Fixing Frank2001USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Fleeing by Night (Ye ben)2001ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Fluffer, The2001USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Food of Love2002SpainDramaMovie is Rated 2
For a Lost Soldier1993NetherlandsDramaMovie is Rated 3
Forgive And Forget2000UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Formula 17 (Shi qi sui de tian kong)2004TaiwanRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Four Letter Word, A2007USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Fox and his Friends1975GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 4
Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island2009USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Freshman Orientation2006USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
Friends & Family2001USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Friends & Lovers1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Friends Forever (Venner for altid)1987DenmarkDramaMovie is Rated 4
Frisk1995USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Fruit Fly2009USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Full Speed (À Toute Vitesse)1996FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Garçon Stupide (Stupid Boy)2004SwitzerlandDramaMovie is Rated 3
Gay Deceivers, The1969USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Gay Divorcee, The1934USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Gay Sex in the 70s2006USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Get A Life2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Get Real1998UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Get Your Stuff2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Go1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Go Go G-boys2006TaiwanComedyMovie is Rated 3
Gods and Monsters1998USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Gods of Olympia2002USAEroticMovie is Rated 1
Going Down in La-La Land2011USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Gone, but not Forgotten2003USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Good Boys (Yeladim Tovim)2005IsraelDramaMovie is Rated 2
Graffiti Artist, The2004USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Grand Sons (Petits fils, Les)2004FranceComedyMovie is Rated 3
Great Water, The (Golemata voda)2004MacedoniaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Green Plaid Shirt1996USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Guys & Balls (Männer wie wir)2004GermanyComedyMovie is Rated 3
Gypsy 832001USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Gypsy Boys1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Hanging Garden1997CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Hannah and her Brothers (Hana a Jej Bratia)2000SlovakiaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Happy Birthday, Gemini1980USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Happy Endings2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Happy Together1997Hong KongDramaMovie is Rated 2
Happy Together2004PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Happy, Texas1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Hard1999USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Hard Pill2005USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Harry and Max2004USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Hate Crime2005USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Head On1998AustraliaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Heavenly Touch2009PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 2
Hellbent2004USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Hidden Fuhrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality2004USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Hilde's Journey (Hildes Reise)2004SwitzerlandDramaMovie is Rated 3
History Boys, The2006UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Homewrecker2009USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Houseboy, The2007USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Hush!2001JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
I Love You, Phillip Morris2009USADramaMovie is Rated 5
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry2007USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
I Think I Do1997USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Ice Blues2008USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Ice Men2004CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
I'll Love Your Forever, Tonight ...1992USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Illusive Tracks (Skenbart)2003SwedenComedyMovie is Rated 3
In & Out1997USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
In the Flesh1998USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Innocent (Ji oi mak sun yen)2005CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 2
International House1933USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Interview with the Vampire1994USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Is It Just Me?2010USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Issues 1012002USARomanceMovie is Rated 1
It's My Party1996USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Jack2003USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Jailbait2004USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Japan Japan2007IsraelDramaMovie is Rated 2
Jeffrey2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Johns1996USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Journey of Jared Price2000USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Judas Kiss1999USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Junjou (Pure Heart)2010JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Just a Question of Love (Juste une question d'amour)2000FranceRomanceMovie is Rated 4
Just One Time1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Kambyo2008PhilippinesRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Keiller's Park2005SwedenSuspenseMovie is Rated 4
K-Hole2003USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Kickoff2011UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
King & the Clown, The (Wang ui Namja)2005South KoreaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang2005USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Kiss Me Deadly2008USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Kiss Me Guido1997USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Kiss of the Spider Woman1985USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Kiss the Boys2006USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Km. 02000SpainComedyMovie is Rated 3
L.I.E.2002USADramaMovie is Rated 3
La León (The Lion)2007ArgentinaDramaMovie is Rated 2
La Ley del Deseo (Law of Desire)1987SpainSuspenseMovie is Rated 5
La Mission2010USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Lan Yu2001ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Laramie Project2002USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Last Year, The2002USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Latin Boys Go To Hell1997USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Latter Days2003USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Lawless Heart2001UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Le Temps qui reste (Time to Leave)2005FranceDramaMovie is Rated 4
Let's Go To Prison2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Licensed to Kill1997USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Lie Down With Dogs1995USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Like a Brother (Comme un Frère)2004FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Like A Brother (Comme un Frére)2005FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Like It Is1998UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Like It Never Was Before 1995SwedenDramaMovie is Rated 3
Lilies1996CanadaSuspenseMovie is Rated 5
Line of Beauty, The 2006UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Little Miss Sunshine2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Locked Up (Gefangen)2004GermanyRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Loggerheads2005USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Lola and Billy the Kid1999GermanySuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Long Firm, The2004UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Longhorns2011USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Longing, The (Saudade)2003BrazilDramaMovie is Rated 2
Long-Term Relationship2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Longtime Companion1990USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel2000USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Lot in Sodom1933USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Love and Death on Long Island1997CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Love and Other Disasters2006UKComedyMovie is Rated 4
Love Forbidden (Défense d'aimer)2002FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Love in Thoughts (Was Nutzt Die Liebe in Gedanken)2004GermanySuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Love of Siam2007ThailandDramaMovie is Rated 4
Love to Hide, A (Un Amour A'taire)2005FranceDramaMovie is Rated 5
Love! Valour! Compassion!1997USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Lucky Bastard2009USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Luster2002USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Ma Saison Super 8 (My Super 8 Season)2005FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Macho Dancer1988PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Making Love1982USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Making the Boys2009USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 5
Mala Noche (Bad Night)1985USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Maltese Falcon, The1941USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Mambo Italiano2003CanadaComedyMovie is Rated 2
Man I Love, The (L'Homme que J'aime)1997FranceDramaMovie is Rated 4
Man of the Year1995USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Manay Po (Sisters)2006PhilippinesComedyMovie is Rated 3
Mandragora1997CzechRepublicDramaMovie is Rated 3
Map of Sex and Love, The (Qingse ditu)2001Hong KongRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Masseur, The (Masahista)2005PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 3
Matrimonium2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Matter of Taste, A2000FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Maurice1987UKDramaMovie is Rated 5
Men for Sale2010CanadaDocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Merci Docteur Rey2002FranceSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Meteor & Shadow (Meteoro kai Skia)1985GreeceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Metrosexuality2001UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil1997USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Milk2008USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Mishima: A Life in Four Acts1985JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, The2005USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Mr. Right2009UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler2002USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Mulligans2008CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Murder in Portland2002USAEroticMovie is Rated 1
My Beautiful Laundrette1985UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
My Brother...Nikhil2005IndiaDramaMovie is Rated 4
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend1998USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
My Life on Ice (Ma Vraie Vie a Rouen)2003FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
My Trip Down the Pink Carpet2010USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Mysterious Skin2005USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Naked Boys Singing2007USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Naked Fame2003USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Nature of Nicholas2002CanadaSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Next Best Thing2000USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Nico and Dani (Krampack)2000SpainDramaMovie is Rated 2
Night Listener, The2006USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Night Scene2004ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 1
Nighthawks1978UKDramaMovie is Rated 2
Nine Lives2005USADramaMovie is Rated 3
No One Sleeps2000GermanySuspenseMovie is Rated 3
No Ordinary Love1994USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
No Regret (Huhwaehaji Anah)2006South KoreaDramaMovie is Rated 4
No Way to Treat a Lady1968USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom2008USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Norman is that You?1976USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Not Angels, But Angels1994CzechRepublicDocumentaryMovie is Rated 2
O Fantasma (The Phantom)2000PortugalEroticMovie is Rated 2
Object of my Affection1998USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Oh Happy Day2007UKComedyMovie is Rated 4
Okoge (Fag hag)1992JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Olivier, Olivier1992FranceSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
On The Other Hand, Death2008USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
One Nation Under God1993USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Open Cam2005USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Opposite of Sex, The1998USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Other Voices, Other Rooms1995USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Our Lady of the Assassins (La Virgen de los Sicarios)2001ColombiaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Our Sons1991USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Out in the Silence2009USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Out of Hand2005GermanySuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Out of the Past1998USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Outrage2009USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
P.S. Your Cat is Dead2002USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Paragraph 1751999UKDocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Parallel Sons1994USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Parting Glances1986USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Party Monster2002USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Patrik, Age 1.52008SwedenDramaMovie is Rated 4
Peoria Babylon1994USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Perfect Son, The2000CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Peter's Friends1992UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Philadelphia1993USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Phoenix2006USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Pink Narcissus1971USAEroticMovie is Rated 2
Poison1991USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Pornography: A Thriller2009USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Possible Loves (Amores Possíveis)2000BrazilRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Postcards from America1994UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Poster Boy2004USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Pretty Boy1993DenmarkDramaMovie is Rated 2
Prick Up Your Ears1987UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Priest1994UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
Prince in Hell (Prinz in Hölleland)1992GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 2
Private Romeo2011USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story2004CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Proteus2003CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Psychotropica2009USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Punks2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Quarry, The1998BelgiumDramaMovie is Rated 2
Queens (Reinas)2005SpainComedyMovie is Rated 3
Quemar Las Naves (Burn the Bridges)2007MexicoDramaMovie is Rated 4
Querelle (Ein Pakt mit dem Teufel)1982FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Quiet Days in Hollywood1995USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Quinceañera2006USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Rag Tag2006UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo)2009MexicoDramaMovie is Rated 2
Raspberry Reich2004GermanyEroticMovie is Rated 1
Rebel Without a Cause1955USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Red Dirt2000USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Regarding Billy2005USARomanceMovie is Rated 2
Regular Guys (Echte Kerle)1996GermanyComedyMovie is Rated 3
Rent2005USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Rhythm & Blues2008UKComedyMovie is Rated 2
Right By Me (Rainbow Boys)2005ThailandDramaMovie is Rated 3
Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story2005USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 4
Rites of Passage1999USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Ritz, The1976USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
River Made to Drown In1997USADramaMovie is Rated 3
River, The (He Liu)1997TaiwanDramaMovie is Rated 1
Road Movie (Lo-Du Moo-Bi)2002South KoreaDramaMovie is Rated 4
Road to Love (Tarik El Hob)2001FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Rock Haven2007USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Rock Hudson's Home Movies1992USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Role/Play2010USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Rope1948USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Rules of Attraction, The2002USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Running With Scissors2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 5
Sacred Silence (Pianese Nunzio Quattordici Anni a Maggio)1996ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Salome1922USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Salome's Last Dance1988UKDramaMovie is Rated 2
Saturn in Opposition2007ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 4
Saved!2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Say Uncle2005USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Schoolboy Crush2007JapanDramaMovie is Rated 3
Scum1979UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Sebastian1995NorwayDramaMovie is Rated 4
Sebastiane1976UKDramaMovie is Rated 2
Second Coming1995USAScience FictionMovie is Rated 1
Seeing Heaven2010UKSuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Sex in Chains (Geschlecht in Fesseln -- Die Sexualnot der Gefangenen)1928GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Shanghai Panic (Wo men hai pa)2001ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Shank2009UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Shelter2007USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Shiner2004USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Shock to the System2006USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Shortbus2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Showboy2002USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Sideline Secrets2005USAEroticaMovie is Rated 2
Sign of the Cross, The1932USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Sin Destino (Without Destiny)2002MexicoDramaMovie is Rated 2
Singing Forest, The2003USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Siren in the Dark, A2008USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Six Degrees of Separation1993USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Ski Trip, The2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Skull & Bones2007USASuspenseMovie is Rated 1
Slutty Summer2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Small Town Gay Bar2006USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Soft Hearts (Pusong Mamon)1998PhilippinesDramaMovie is Rated 2
Soilers, The1923USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Sordid Lives2000USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Soul Maid2007USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Soundless Wind Chimes2009Hong KongDramaMovie is Rated 3
Special Day, A (Une Journee Particuliere)1977ItalyDramaMovie is Rated 4
Speedway Junky2000USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Spin the Bottle1999USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Spinnin'2007SpainRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Splendor1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Stealth (Comme des voleurs)2006SwitzerlandDramaMovie is Rated 3
Steam: The Turkish Bath1996TurkeyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Stepford Wives, The2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Straight and Butch2010USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 2
Straight-Jacket2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Straightman2000USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Strange Bedfellows2004AustraliaComedyMovie is Rated 3
Strange Fruit2004USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Stranger in Us, The2010USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Strangers on a Train1951USASuspenseMovie is Rated 2
Strawberry & Chocolate1993CubaDramaMovie is Rated 4
String, The (Le Fil)2009FranceDramaMovie is Rated 4
Suddenly Last Summer1959USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Sugar2004CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Sum of Us, The1995AustraliaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Summer Storm (Sommersturm)2004GermanyComedyMovie is Rated 3
Summer Thunder2003USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Surge of Power2004USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Surprise, Surprise2010USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Surveillance 24/72007UKSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Swoon1992USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Taboo (Gohatto)1999JapanDramaMovie is Rated 2
Taking Woodstock2009USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Talented Mr. Ripley, The1999USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Taxi Zum Klo (Taxi to the Toilet)1980GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 3
Testosterone2003USADramaMovie is Rated 2
That's What I Am2011USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
The Bubble (Ha-Buah)2006IsraelDramaMovie is Rated 4
The Consequence (Die Konsequenz)1977GermanyDramaMovie is Rated 4
The Last Day (Le Dernier jour)2004FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
The Naked Civil Servant1980UKDramaMovie is Rated 4
The New Twenty2008USADramaMovie is Rated 3
The Sensei2008USADramaMovie is Rated 3
The Young, The Gay, and The Restless2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Theft2007USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Things to do Before You're 302004UKComedyMovie is Rated 3
Third Man Out2005USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Third Man, The1950UKSuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Thousand Clouds of Peace, A2003MexicoRomanceMovie is Rated 4
Three Dancing Slaves (Le Clan)2004FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Three to Tango1999USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Threesome1994USAComedyMovie is Rated 2
Times Have Been Better (Le Ciel sur la tête)2006FranceDramaMovie is Rated 4
Times of Harvey Milk, The1984USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 5
To Die For (Heaven's a Drag)1994UKRomanceMovie is Rated 3
To Play, or To Die1990NetherlandsDramaMovie is Rated 2
To the Extreme (In Extremis)2000FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Toilers and the Wayfarers, The1996USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Torch Song Trilogy1988USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Total Eclipse1995USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Totally F***ed Up1994USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Touch of Pink2004CanadaComedyMovie is Rated 3
Transfixed (Mauvais Genres)2001BelgiumSuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Trembling Before G-d2001IsraelDocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Trick1999USARomanceMovie is Rated 3
Trip, The2002USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad)2004ThailandRomanceMovie is Rated 2
Tru Loved2008USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Twilight of the Golds, The1997USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Twist2003CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Two Brothers2000CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Unconditional Love2002USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
Under One Roof2002USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Unfaithful (Infidèles)2009FranceEroticMovie is Rated 1
Urbania2000USASuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Vacationland2006USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Vereda Tropical2004BrazilDramaMovie is Rated 3
Very Natural Thing, A1974USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Very Serious Person, A2006USADramaMovie is Rated 4
Victim1961UKSuspenseMovie is Rated 5
Violet Tendencies2010USAComedyMovie is Rated 3
Violet's Visit1995AustraliaDramaMovie is Rated 2
Visions of Sugar Plums2000USADramaMovie is Rated 1
Walk on Water (Lalecet Al Hamaim)2004IsraelSuspenseMovie is Rated 5
We Were One Man1981FranceDramaMovie is Rated 2
Wedding Banquet (Hsi Yen)1993TaiwanComedyMovie is Rated 4
Wedding Wars2006USAComedyMovie is Rated 4
Welcome to Destination Shanghai (Mu di di Shanghai)2003ChinaDramaMovie is Rated 1
Were the World Mine2008USAMusicalMovie is Rated 3
When Beckham Met Owen2004Hong KongDramaMovie is Rated 3
When I'm 642004UKRomanceMovie is Rated 4
When Love Comes1998New ZealandRomanceMovie is Rated 3
Where are We?1992USADocumentaryMovie is Rated 3
Whirlwind2007USADramaMovie is Rated 3
Whole New Thing2005CanadaDramaMovie is Rated 3
Wilby Wonderful2004CanadaComedyMovie is Rated 3
Wild Reeds (Les Roseaux Sauvages)1994FranceDramaMovie is Rated 4
Wild Tigers I Have Known2006USADramaMovie is Rated 2
Wilde1998UKDramaMovie is Rated 3
Wonder Boys2000USADramaMovie is Rated 5
Wrecked2009USAEroticaMovie is Rated 2
WTC View2005USADramaMovie is Rated 4
X2000: The Collected Shorts of Francois Ozon2003FranceShortMovie is Rated 2
Yes Nurse, No Nurse (Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster)2004NetherlandsMusicalMovie is Rated 3
Yossi & Jagger2003IsraelDramaMovie is Rated 3
You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene)1978DenmarkDramaMovie is Rated 4
You Belong To Me2007USASuspenseMovie is Rated 3
You Should Meet My Son!2010USAComedyMovie is Rated 5
You'll Get Over It (À cause d'un garçon)2002FranceDramaMovie is Rated 3
Z1969FranceSuspenseMovie is Rated 4
Zorro, the Gay Blade1981USAComedyMovie is Rated 1
Zus & Zo2001NetherlandsComedyMovie is Rated 3

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