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Unfaithful (Infidèles) 

Year: 2009
Country: France
Director: Claude Pérès
Starring: Claude Pérès and Marcel Schlutt
Synopsis: This experimental film has a director hire an actor to come over and have sex with him to get a better understanding of desire.
Quick review: Two disclaimers. First, the distributor provided me a copy of the film to screen. Second, this film contains nudity and sex scenes. French director Claude Pérès wanted to explore desire. Where does it come from? Is it forced, or does it occur naturally? He decided to hire an actor and have him come over to his home in France. The actor is American, so the film is in English. Pérès put cameras around the house and had few rules. They were going to have sex, but they didn't know each other well. The result? A disappointing film. I'm not sure if Pérès understands desire any better after this experience, but the viewer understands boredom better. The first third of the film is shot before the sun rises and is mostly in the dark. They make out, and both lose control, but we only have their word for that because the viewer can't see anything. The director was probably trying to make this stretch out to fill the usual 90-minute film length. By the time the sun comes up and we can actually see the two men, they are in the talking phase. They interview each other, talk about their making out. There's a masturbation scene. Just enough to hopefully keep you interested. The final third is when the sex comes, but again it's hard to see. The first part of it is when they're on the floor and there is a bed between the camera and then, so you only see a little. The final scene you see pretty much everything and the director feels the need to remind the viewer this is not about sex, but desire. If you decide to pick up this film for the sex and nudity, you'll likely be disappointed. It's there, but there's not much erotic about it. If the experimental nature of the film interests you, pick it up. It's filled with the usual awkward moments that occur whenever two strangers hookup.


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