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Friends Forever (Venner for altid) 

Year: 1987
Country: Denmark
Director: Stefan Christian Henszelman
Starring: Stefan Henszelman, Thomas Sigsgaard, Claus Bender Mortensen, Lill Lindfors, Thomas Elholm
Synopsis: A shy teenage boy transfers to a new school and must overcome his own homophobia as he embarks on new relationships, constantly worried that others may think that he's more than just friends with his new pals in this classic Danish gay film.
Quick review: Kristian transfers to a new school and almost immediately faces one of those life-and-death choices that only teens can manufacture: Whom should be his best friend? In one corner stands Henrik, who is a bit unique. He likes tai chi and looking at the stars. He's also into music you won't hear most teens jamming to. In the other is Patrick, who is your run-of-the-mill bully and much more likely to lead Kristian into trouble. There's no question that Patrick is more popular, and that there are hints that Henrik may be gay. So what's a teen who has never been exposed to gays before suppose to do? The film is a journey as Kristian comes to accept that there are gay people in the world and it's OK to be friends with them, even if others may not agree. That certainly doesn't come easy for him, but it does make this a coming-of-age tale years ahead of its time. There is a few glimpses of full frontal nudity in the film, as well as some cases of heterosexual couplings. Still, it's easy to recommend this film.


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